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The source of life – 5. Nature and Mind

Nicolai Levashov. 
The source of life – 5 "...Our ancestors distinguished two concepts — intellect and reason! They understood these two concepts to differ fundamentally from each other, although they both relate to mental activity! The matter that realizes its existence acquires intellect! Reason appears only when the carriers of mind reach enlightenment by knowledge! The ability to think does not mean reasonableness; that is the state when man is enlightened by knowledge in general, and by knowledge in particular, of the laws of the nature from which he came! Everyone can easily find numerous examples of the action of intellect. It is enough just to pay attention to the ecological catastrophe which is the product of the actions of man, who has intellect, but not reason! This is not just a profusion of philosophical words, as someone could say, but confirmed reality....." The article contains 70 photos.

© Nicolai Levashov, 2008

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Continuation of the article

Part 5-2. Miracles go on!

Nicolai Levashov tells about striking phenomena which continue to happen owing to the influence of the dark matter generator which he installed 5 years ago in his estate in France. New amazing facts and 28 splendid photographs are available.

© Nicolai Levashov, 2008

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Nicolai Levashov

The source of life – 6. Obvious and incredible

The White Lotus grows in France too "This is 2008; it is now five years since I set the psi-field generator in our French domain. Many interesting, surprising and simply unbelievable phenomena, which even fiction writers noted for their gift to foresee the future, were unable to imagine, have taken place under its influence... However, faced with reality, in which I participated, I was astonished at my discovery of the fact that the majority of the science-fiction writers’ fantasies were held captive to the generally accepted concepts. Yes, many of them managed to peep into the future, but ... it was a future within the limits of the “Procrustean bed” of current “scientific” concepts. The understanding of this fact came to me when I began to do things which other people considered fantastic. The farther along my path I moved, the more the real results of what I did, which could be “touched by hands”, differed from the version of both official “science” and that of science-fiction writers! As I progressed in my understanding of nature, this state of affairs both with science and science-fiction became clearer to me. Modern science dug a grave for itself with its own “hands”. Being guided by mechanistic materialism, Vulgarmaterialismus, (Germ.), which social parasites palmed off on it at the right time, modern science created devices which allowed it to penetrate into the micro and macrocosm. As a result, modern science accumulated an enormous amount of facts which totally contradicted its theoretical concepts, thus, refuting its own theoretical foundation..."

260 photographs verify staggering facts.

© Nicolai Levashov, 2008

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Nicolai Levashov

The source of life – 7. The New Year surprises

A heat-loving Japanese plum grows and producing fruits in winter His Majesty Chance allowed us to find a fundamentally new method of genetic engineering, unknown to anyone before: using the influence of the psi-field generator, it is possible to convert certain genes, which were repressed by others (and not always by the best ones), into dominants! Also, this can be done not only at the phase of an embryo or pollination, but in already fully formed young (and old) plants or other living organisms! Previously, the psi-generator created in plants and animals fundamentally new qualities and properties which they never had in Nature and which are probably fixed at the level of genetics, but this supposition requires verification... Thus, there is a real possibility, not in some distant future, but today, of awakening the sleeping genes, which bear positive properties and qualities, in already existent varieties (without creating genetic monsters), and to create absolutely new properties and qualities in them which they never had initially! These are not some theoretical suppositions, but the most real facts, as, for example, the nonfreezing arboreal juice even at temperatures more than 20 degrees below zero in tropical and subequatorial evergreens! Or the synthesis of water by plants which Mother-Nature has never created, but which can do an invaluable service to man in solving all problems related to agriculture and restoration of damaged nature! ... 96 illustrations.

© Nicolai Levashov, 2009

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Nicolai Levashov

The Source of Life – 7+. The New Year surprises go on

Maitakes – verey rare and extremely health-giving mushroms, the mushroom ginseng "The first two weeks of 2009 were snowy and frosty in France. Everything was covered with an immaculate white snow carpet and the temperature reached -20 degrees Celsius! The weather was strikingly reminiscent of the Russian New-year and surely was quite unexpected for Frenchmen, Spaniards and Italians. It was the most real Russian winter! But the thaw came unexpectedly on the Old New Year, a holiday which the inhabitants of the former Soviet Union adore and celebrate on a grand scale, but is strange for the rest of the world. The snow completely disappeared and the frosts went off to “celebrate” the holiday! Svetlana took advantage of the occasion and impatiently went to carry out a reconnaissance being armed with a camera... each champignon’s body is healthy and dense, the leg is clean and strong, as though the temperature was not minus 20 degrees Celsius and the snow and ice had not covered everything around, including soil!...Oddly enough, the January grass looks greener and brighter than the June one, although there was none of the heat so usual in France, in June, 2008...Maitake’s mycelia developed a fundamentally new, for them, growing environment — pure limestone on which mushrooms, and furthermore Maitake, should not grow at all!...many late spring and summer flowers, such as, primroses, daisies, irises, etc. began to appear in February, becoming bigger and brighter with every day..." 143 illustrations.

© Nicolai Levashov, 2009

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Nicolai Levashov

The Source of Life – 8. The Fairy Island

Tulips in April "...Magic or Fairy Island – this name is the most appropriate to describe what we can see there! In fact there is nothing magical in the phenomena called into being in our estate by the working of the psi-generator (dark matter generator) whatsoever, but they indeed look like magic, especially if we compare them with what happens in Nature in France and the rest of our planet! Despite the indubitable riches and variety of Nature it, nevertheless, acts blindfolded... If Nature had reason, it would come to the conclusion that in order to prevent vegetable organisms from dieing when the temperature drops sharply, it would need to prevent the arboreal sap (the blood of plants) from freezing at temperatures below zero! If Nature had reason, it would allot plants the ability to synthesize water, as the absence of water during droughts results in rapid death of most plants and, as a consequence, in the death of the particular ecological system. If Nature had reason, it would transform soil unfavourable for plants into a favourable one or would create such conditions that plants of any climatic zone could grow in any soil, including highly adverse ones (for example, limestone). If Nature had reason, it would create conditions when plants alone could create everything they need for optimal living conditions!.." 237 illustrations.

© Nicolai Levashov, 2009

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Nicolai Levashov

The Source of Life – 10. Forvard into the Future

«Source of Life» A huge fig fruit

By the end of my last article "The Source of Life-9" I had covered everything occurring in our French domain under the influence of the "psi-field" or "dark matter" generator up until May 2010 when I stopped highlighting. Such a long break in the coverage was due to the fact that in May my main concern was military actions against parasites which had just gone mad and started attacking us; Svetlana particularly strongly, and almost continuously in all possible ways and at all levels. After one of the blows to the brain Svetlana had lain in bed for over a month, during which time I restored her memory, which they had aimed to destroy but failed. Svetlana, only slightly recovered from the blow, began working on chapters of her book and preparing her new books for which she gathered the vast amount of material.

Her first book and the future, almost ready, ones were more dangerous than nuclear weapons for the parasites. She only had had to arrange and write down everything, and new chapters of her autobiography and the first chapters of her new books would have been ready. She hurried very much to do that job and, having not fully regained her strength after such a blow, did not spare herself. The parasites had not stopped trying, but on the contrary, seeing that one of the blows had almost reached their goal, stepped up their attacks. Svetlana nevertheless found time between all of these in order to take photos for the next article from the series "The Source of Life". So, nothing disappeared, as probably the spiteful critics and trolls of all stripes would have expected. On the contrary, this time there were many new and unexpected, even for us, things, although it would seem that we should get used to them for the simple reason that they came out of the effect produced by the psi-field generator which had been designed, created and put into practice by me.

So, I stopped highlighting, unlike the "marvels" which continued to happen... 125 illustrations

© Nicolai Levashov, 2011 ã.

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Nicolai Levashov

Genocide: visible and invisible

«Genocide: visible and invisible» by Nicolai Levashov Today’s modern mass media hysterically shouts about it all over the world, so that involuntarily a question arises: why is this hysteria about real and invented genocides of the past being organized exactly now? They yell about many old and recent genocides but nobody has even mentioned the genocide of the Russian people! … During the "voluntary" Christening of Kievan Rus into the Greek religion in 988 A.D. organized by Vladimir the Bloody, a pseudo-Russian prince, more than seventy percent of the population, almost all adults, was exterminated! God’s "blessing" completely depopulated the country… So, if we ask the question: "what God can "bless" this way?" we will have a logical answer: "Obviously not the Slavs’ one"… The genocide of the Russian population during the "christening" of Kievan Rus was of such magnitude that the country turned into a desert. Before the "christening" more than 300 cities were located on the territory of Kievan Rus (more than in the whole of Europe), and only one tenth survived Jehovah’s "blessing", which means that 270 cities became desolated and ceased to exist. This was the "enlightening" which the Russian people of Kievan Rus received from the God Jehovah. In fact, the christening was just a cover to organize the genocide which was actually revenge for the elimination of the parasitic state created by the Israelites, the base being the Khazar Khaganate. They took their revenge because their plans to impose their power over Midgard-earth were foiled then!

© Nicolai Levashov, 2009.

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Helen Golovina

Interview with Nicolai Levashov

Interview with Nicolai Levashov by Helen Golovina

Nicolai Levashov, Scientist and Physics Theorist, has created a fundamentally new theory of the Universe that provides answers to numerous questions which modern science has considered insoluble. Based on the postulate of the anisotropy (non-uniformity) of the Universe, he explains the requisite conditions for living matter to appear, the natural laws that lead to the inevitable origin of reasoning life and later, consciousness, which appears, also inevitably, when certain conditions are met. Levashov’s views have nothing to do with Vulgarmaterialismus (Germ.), a mechanistic materialism. He strongly believes the main question of philosophy is absurd and that spirit and matter is essentially one thing. He estimates human abilities as boundless and has no doubt whatsoever that thought can influence physically dense matter: it is, in fact, able to do things which the boldest fiction writers could not even dare to imagine.

Levashov calls himself an atheist. He adheres to the opinion that our Mankind is not the creation of a god; likewise, not a unique creation of nature, because it is surrounded by other reasoning civilizations. Man’s main objective is to overcome the reasoning animal level on which the overwhelming majority of people can be found and, moving forward from one evolutional stage to another, emerge at the level of creator.

Nicolai Levashov was born in Kislovodsk in 1961. He graduated from Kharkov University, with a Master’s degree in theoretical physics. He has lived and worked in the USA for more than 15 years. There he created his scientific school where he carried out seminars and engaged in teaching students. He is an author of several fundamental scientific works, namely, The Final Appeal to Mankind, Anisotropic Universe and Spirit and Mind all widely recognized by foreign Mainstream Scientists and Allied Professionals.

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Tatiana Aliokhina

Anti-Russian Anticyclone

Who ordered the deadly summer?

Nicolai Levashov’s interview for the newspaper The President

Interview with Nicolai Levashov for Russian newspaper The President

The infernal heat, fires and smog of summer 2010 in Russia were more like that of a huge crematorium gas chamber than a unique natural disaster when the temperature broke all records. How can the apocalyptic summer weather of 2010 be explained?

A bit of history

In 1977 the UN adopted the convention on the prohibition of "environmental warfare" using means which would impact on the environment, and artificial stimulation to effect climate change. The USSR and USA also concluded an agreement to cease development in this area but they nonetheless continued under the guise of scientific research.

Recently declassified documents show that even in the seventies the USA and USSR entered into an unprecedented climate control arms race. Documents of the National Archives of the British government show that in the seventies both superpowers seriously suspected each other of preparing for "climate war" and both had secret military programs to control the global climate. Weather forecasting became an integral part of the secret services according to Leo Carlin, the Rector of the Hydro-meteorological University. So, economic droughts and political floods may well become part of the weather forecasts in the 21st century. The climate becomes an economic and national security field and "climate weapons" the most guarded state secret...

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Tatiana Aliokhina

Anti-Russian Anticyclone – 2

Who ordered the deadly summer?

Nicolai Levashov’s interview for the newspaper The President

Interview with Nicolai Levashov for Russian newspaper The President

...I did give facts which spoke for themselves. Everything concerned with global warming is a cover in order to use the climate weapon, and not only that. Remember, it was the beginning of August when we spoke last time. – In the first ten-day period. – And what did climatologists say then? They said that the heat would go on. But I said that the heat would and never come back. We also discussed that when the anticyclone began to move, the moisture from the Atlantic cyclone which went toward Russia was forcedly "unloaded" over Europe. Heavy precipitation flooded Germany, Poland and other European countries. Then I said: "Don’t worry, another cyclone will come from North and bring moisture to Russia." Do you remember? And what happened? – Everything happened like you said. – So, who knows better what will happen, the climatologists? But none of their long-term predictions came true! They just say what they are told to say. Naturally, the cyclone from North did not come to Russia accidentally. It should not have come at all at this time of year... Certainly, some fires were of natural origin, but most of them were the result of arson witnessed by many people. People saw fire-raisers throwing tyres or huge rubber things soaked in petrol into the woods or setting fire to dead-wood. People also saw how they came on their motorbikes, threw burning things and quickly rode away. There were many such cases. Not to mention the American unmanned space vehicle Õ-37Â which set fire to large forestlands at night...

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Irene Stillwell

Nicolai Victorovich Levashov

Nicolai Levashov «...Nicolai was, and still is, a White Hierarch who volunteered to incarnate in a human body, for the first time, without keeping any memory of his previous state. I think we can assume therefore that he wanted to understand exactly what it was like to be human and limited by the restrictions put upon us by various agencies, particularly the parasitic Dark Side that have their own agenda regarding our planet. For all of his regrettably short time here he has worked tirelessly for our benefit and has changed our perceptions of the structure of the universe and our place in it forever. We are now responsible for the future of our Earth but need to gather all the information we can. The books and articles that both Nicolai and Svetlana Levashov have left us have much that we can learn from. The Russians may well be the vanguard leading the way, as they already have a head start in the form of an Association called «Renaissance. the Golden Age», initiated by Nicolai, but only if they continue to heed all he has taught. He may not be here in his familiar physical body, but the world can rest assured that his real self, his essence, most certainly is and that he and Svetlana are still fighting for our planet and us...»

© Irene Stillwell, 2012.

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Igor Popov

The Nicolai Levashov Phenomenon

Nicolai Levashov «...Russian citizen and patriot, scientist and writer Nicolai Levashov has made an outstanding contribution to further evolving of our understanding of the universe and developed an absolutely new scientific approach. As Copernicus in his time, 500 hundred years ago, "turned astronomical science upside down" (according to Luther), rejecting Ptolemy's postulate that the Earth is the centre of the universe, Nicolai Levashov has dramatically changed our idea of the structure of the universe and man’s place in it. As Galileo Galilei, using a telescope for astronomical observations, discovered that the Aristotelian picture of the universe was incomplete and flawed; Nicolai Levashov has proved that the theory that postulates the isotropy (i.e., uniformity or homogeneity) of the universe and the constancy of the speed of light, which is the foundation of Einstein’s relativity theories (special and general) is in error, leading the development of human civilization down the wrong track which eventually ends in environmental disaster and death. Nicolai Levashov’s theory consistently explains almost all things of both animate and inanimate nature. His theory of the anisotropy of the universe has been confirmed by the experiments of American physicist Dayton Miller, the data obtained from the Hubble telescope and many other studies...»

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Elena Lyubimova

Nicolai Levashov: Patriot of Russia and Earth

Nicolai Levashov «...On February, 8 2013 Nicolai Levashov would have celebrated his fifty-second birthday but he was prevented from living to see this day. On June 11th 2012 Nicolai Levashov fell in the fight against Evil. He was killed when his Truth began to be accessible to millions, when his deeds in protecting our planet, at last, became more or less known to ordinary people, not just the narrow circles of both Light and Dark Forces. The latter had been trying to kill him for many years, which did not turn out to be a simple task. Regrettably the enemies of Mankind succeeded in finding the way to do that when his activity, concentrating on enlightening by knowledge and the awakening of masses of Earthmen became noticeable and began to bring forth its first fruits... He will live in our hearts as an example, one of the greatest warriors, who gave his knowledge and life to the cause of fighting parasitism on Earth and in Space. We shall remember him always: at all times and in all our incarnations. We shall learn from him. We shall teach our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren his knowledge. We shall follow his example: be as kind, clever and penetrating as he was – Nicolai Levashov...»

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