Nicolai Levashov
About Spirit, Mind and many other things...


Practical work with your own psi-field

We all have a psi-field around each of us. Certainly psi-fields of different people differ in structure, density and force. However, there are some general elements and features. At first everyone should learn how to create and control his or her protective field. For this purpose everyone should cultivate his or her ability to create the protective field at the level of subconsciousness. This can be done the following way. You should concentrate on the thought, "I create a protective shell around me out of my own energy. It shields me from all negative energy. No negative energy can penetrate my shell." Repeat the statement every free moment possible, until your brain develops a conditioned reflex for protection.

Later on you only need to check up the state and the power of this protection field from time to time. When you are in the crowd your protection must be the strongest. At home it can be the least. It is very important to create your protection before going to bed both for your physical body and for your spirit. When you create of similar protection, a protective cocoon will appear around both your body and your spirit. If you created your protection correctly it will be almost impossible to destruct it. It is very important to save the integrity of your protection. For this the absence of negative emotions is obligatory.

The point is that negative emotions open your protection from within, creating streams of energy which composition and quality is identical to those of a lower astral level of our planet. This creates favourable conditions for astral animals to act and also for man to submit any other psychic influence. Jesus Christ told about inadmissibility of negative emotions. However, he did not call to blind submission, on the contrary, he demonstrated the necessity of fight by his own life. He knew that negative emotions which appeared during the fight against evil, even being directed on a source of evil, sooner or later would bring to a sad end – man would be won over by this evil or would himself become its source in the course of time. This strengthen the evil. In order to fight against it one should preserve his emotional purity, since without it whatever personal development and fight against evil is impossible...

Apart from the problem of protection I would like to pay attention to the possibility of psi-energetic food cleansing. We all drink water, juices or other liquids and consume food necessary for normal vital functions of our bodies. However, any food both vegetable and meat has organic poisons which accelerate the process of destruction of our body and slow our development. Therefore, it is necessary to neutralize or decompose these poisons. For this purpose imagine your energy moving vigorously through energy channels of your body. Then you should mentally send this energy through your hands on the food which you want to clean.

You have to try to picture that it decomposes all possible poisons in your food. While your energy moves through your hands you can feel some vibration, warmth or pricking. The more intense the process of poisons decomposition, the brighter and stronger your feelings. The same way you can clear water, juices and other liquids.

Together with the neutralization of negative substances and properties, it is possible to strengthen positive properties which can be found in a substance and to create new properties and qualities. If you are able to visualize these streams, this means that you have an increased sensitiveness and you can pretty quickly reach higher level of development of your spirit and consciousness, if development is correct.

I can only wish that each and every one of you may take away a blindfold from your eyes and, finding true evolutionary path, discover an amaizing beauty of nature, world, and Universe.